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Audit is fundamental to successful entrepreneurship. It is critical to follow that high quality audit by independent financial and business experts for any company would lead to unshakeable foundadtion for future growth.
It is a 20-year-long path that has seen UPK’s experts perform audit engagements for 500+ enterprises in various fields.
It is a 20-year-old history that has left records of UPK’s professionalism when coping with engagements of different complexity, delivering value with out-of-the-box solutions and meeting the needs of the most demanding customer.

We are proud of our clients as well as the experience gained with our mutual projects and fruitful cooperation.

UPK is the very place for you to help create a safe and disciplined environment. UPK is the very place in which you may feel at home, easy-going and well taken care of. UPK is the very place in which you find the favourable climate for your flourishing future and success.

  • Audit
  • Review and preparation of financial information
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Forecasts and  in-the-course-of-time estimations
  • Reports to comply with SEC requirements
  • Audit services for pension programmes
  • Convergence of financial statements into IFRS / GAAP